Sean M. Jones
The Art of Sean Jones
Illustrator and Graphic Designer

The Art of Sean Jones

Illustrator and Graphic Designer


About Me

As an Illustrator I like to focus on vibrant color and bold compositions. I enjoy strong statements or stances in my work and feel that art should grip you and command your attention.
2010 Gradute BA in Drawing and Graphic Design Cum Laude
2011-17 Hired at American Games worked in several positions including Technical Artist, Concept artist, and Product development. While at American games created art using several licensed properties including Star Trek (CBS), Ms. PacMan (Namco), NASCAR, and many others!
2011-18 Founded Total Field Domination Paintball a design brand that has made professional athletic design for athletic wear and equipment for over half a decade!

Kinds of Art.

Book Covers, logo design, pinups, sequential art, digital paintings, gambling art, comic "cuts" style coloring and more...
Email or call me regarding work! I encourage you to look under the different tabs as a lot of styles are crossed over in each.


Sean Jones is an illustrator specializing in Comic art, Digital Painting, and Graphic Design. He attended the University of Alaska Anchorage, receiving a Bachelors degree in Drawing with a secondary emphasis in Graphic Design.
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